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Trackbacks Disabled

I've temporarily disabled trackbacks on my blog. I was getting 50-100 spam trackbacks per day, and when my first attempt to install MT-Blacklist failed, I gave up for the time being and just disabled trackbacks on a global basis.

What strikes me about spammers is how much work they're willing to create for vast numbers of people to get very little benefit to themselves. I think of the countless hours I've spent dealing with spam in both e-mail and on my blog, and how many millions of people have done the same, and it's all so that a relatively small community of pathologically sleazy people can make a little bit of money. A spammer who turns on a script to blast trackbacks across thousands of blogs overnight doesn't think or care about all the work he's creating for people; he just thinks about the fact that he might make one or two sales as a result.


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