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Oh Please Let This Be True

From The Digital Bits (via Dark Horizons) comes word on a possible new director's cut:

Oh man... have we got some GREAT news for you Dune fans today! We've done some digging with our sources at Universal, and we've learned the real reason behind their delay of the Dune: Extended Edition (previously announced for 5/10, but then pulled "indefinitely" with no explanation given). Those of you who are familiar with the film know that there's a longer version that's been shown on TV, credited to director Alan Smithee (a pseudonym used by directors when they want to distance themselves from a project for whatever reason). Well get this... after years of saying he would never revisit Dune, at the 11th hour director David Lynch apparently decided that he might want to be involved in the new DVD after all. Which means that when it's eventually released, not only is the DVD going to include the original theatrical version of the film... it may also include a brand new "director's extended cut" edited by Lynch himself. No kidding. [Editor's Note - we've been told by studio sources that this isn't a done deal. It IS why the disc was delayed, but Lynch's involvement is still in discussion and no work has been started yet. So cross your fingers and let's hope it comes to fruition.]
The rumor has always been that Lynch's first cut of Dune came in around four hours or so -- at least an hour and a half longer than the theatrical version. To see that at last would be a real treat.

By the way, I'm fully aware that people either hated or loved David Lynch's version of Dune, with most of them hating it, so being excited about this probably isn't a popular position. While acknowledging the film's flaws -- Baron Harkonnen becomes a cartoon character instead of the clever (if corpulent) leader he is, for one -- I nevertheless fall into the "loved it" category.


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