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Multi-iPod Households

John Ludwig writes about the frustrations of a multi-iPod household:

And itunes really sucks at handling this. we like to keep all our music on one server and this just creates a legion of problems. Getting itunes on all machines to take notice of new music on the server. Sharing playlists across the network. Ratings collision -- we all have different ratings we want to maintain. And doing different loads of music onto each ipod.
I have some experience with this myself, though not with nearly as complex a setup as John has. I'd say that iTunes is actually reasonably good at allowing different loads of music on a per-iPod basis -- at least it seems that way to me. But after that, multi-user support degenerates quickly. Ratings collision is a big issue -- as noted, each user may have different ratings to maintain. And then there's the issue of playback frequency -- iTunes makes it easy to create Smart Playlists that key off frequency and last-played date, but with multiple users, this isn't really useful for any one person.

Apple, are you on top of this?


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