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The Dordogne

While in France, I spent five days in a rented house in Le Coux, a village along the Dordogne. I had been to France many times, but with the exception of one trip to Cannes, it had always been to Paris. This was my first time staying in rural France, and it was wonderful.

The Dordogne region is a patchwork of medieval villages, vineyards, foie gras farms, winding roads, castles, and sites of prehistoric human habitation, including the famous caves at Lascaux.

It had been cold until just before my arrival, when, according to the people I met there, spring apparently magically appeared, making for wonderful weather while I was there -- perfect for morning walks along the trails criss-crossing the countryside.

All my photos from France are available on Flickr here. A few of my favorites:

Maison a Location

The house I rented while there, originally built in the 1780s.

Dordogne Pathway

A pathway near my rented house.

Morning in the Dordogne

Morning in the Dordogne.

Dordogne Orchard

An orchard.


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