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Congestion Charging "Has Been a Triumph"

From a story in the Economist on the possible spread of congestion charging from London to other parts of Britain:

[Two] years after London introduced one of the most radical road-pricing schemes in the world, other parts of Britain are still hesitating about whether to follow suit. That is not because London's scheme hasn't worked: on most counts, it has been a triumph. Journey times in the central London zone covered by the scheme are down by a third and air pollution has fallen by 12%. Bus usage is up by more than a third, and 80% of the people who pay the £5 charge for entering the zone between 0700 and 1830 say they are happy with the way the scheme is run.
Let's just recap that, shall we?
  • Journey times reduced by one-third
  • Air pollution reduced by 12 percent
  • Bus usage up by over one-third
  • 80 percent of payers happy with the scheme
When are we going to bring congestion charging to the US?


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The London scheme has worked brilliantly, especially for cyclists and motorcyclists (who are exempt from the charge) - I'm both, albeit not simultaneously...

But don't expect anywhere to actually vote for it, despite the manifest benefits - short-sighted greed and a psychotic desire not to be parted from the motor car will always win out. My fair home city of Edinburgh has just voted against an equivalent scheme, to the huge detriment of its environment. Sheesh.


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