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Blatant Marketing Exaggeration

Boeing announced the new 777-200LR this week, the world's longest-range commercial passenger aircraft. It carries 301 passengers and can fly 9,420 nautical miles... all well and good. So why would Boeing feel the need to exaggerate about it?

The twin-engine airplane, when equipped with three optional fuel tanks, will be capable of flying 9,420 nautical miles, enough to "connect any two cities in the world today," said Lars Andersen, Boeing's vice president in charge of the 777 program at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.
Any two cities in the world? How about Honolulu-Johannesburg? London-Auckland? New York-Perth? Or Tokyo-Rio de Janeiro?

I don't understand it. Boeing has the undisputed longest-range airliner. Shouldn't that be enough on its own?


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