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The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything

Today I turn 42. I'm hoping that the number 42 really does have special properties -- even if only because I expect it to -- and so as a result I'll be especially wise for the next 365 days.

I don't feel any wiser, but who knows? Maybe I am. Anything's possible.

While on vacation for Thanksgiving, over dinner a earlier that week, one of the people at the table posed the following question:

What's the most important thing you've learned from the relationships you've been in?
I thought it was an excellent question. We took turns going around the table. The answers surprised me. Some of them were inspiring, but others were sad. When it was my turn, I thought about it, then said:
The most important thing I think I've learned from the relationships I've been in is that no matter what the other person is saying or doing -- no matter foolish or silly or wrong it may seem -- to that person, it's absolutely reasonable and logical.
Is that wise, or just obvious? Am I smart, or just catching up with everyone else 20 years on? I can't tell.


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real life begins when you realize the same about yourself.

I know I'm slow, but I just realized that the corollary of this is as follows:

No matter what you're saying or doing, no matter how reasonable and logical it seems to you, to anyone else, it may seem foolish and silly and wrong.

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