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Papers at TESI 2005

I'm going to be presenting two papers at TESI (Training, Education, and Simulation International) 2005 in Maastricht, Netherlands this March. They are:

Game Technology in Security Training

Training military and civilian personnel alike in security procedures has become a major challenge in today's challenging threat environment. How can public and private organizations effectively train their personnel in often complex and sometimes ambiguous security procedures? Can content for such training be developed in a cost-effective and timely manner? What can be learned from modern entertainment software in the development of security training tools? Are there particular types of game titles that suggest especially useful approaches to this problem? How can security training tools be made engaging and replayable to a generation of personnel who have grown up with Nintendo and PlayStation consoles? Answers to these questions do exist and will be explored in depth in this presentation.


Open Source Software and Simulation Learning

The open source movement has spread rapidly across products, markets, and geographies. The simulation learning industry is working hard to create and use a variety of standards to mix and match learning content from different vendors. As more standards for learning-focused data representation and interchange are adopted, the value of vendor-created content will continue to increase as a result of its increased usefulness, not only for the customer, but for vendors as well. This is an essential insight into the popularity of open standards: as they enable the creation of progressively more valuable content, and as customers recognized this increased value, vendors stand to gain through increased sales. As more and more customers require the use and development of open source software by vendors, the simulation learning community will create an ever-growing body of tools and technologies, available for all to build upon, fueling ever-faster growth in capabilities and applications.

As soon as they're ready, I'll post them here, and with Creative Commons licensing if at all possible. Now, without further ado, back to trying to finish them on my day off...


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