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"If You See It at Dinner..."

My teenager daughter Kelsey spent Thanksgiving at the house of a friend's grandmother, in a small town a few hours away. When I saw her after her return, I asked her how her trip went. It was okay, except for the meals. Apparently her friend's grandmother has a rule: "If you see it at dinner, you're going to see it until it's gone." Accordingly, the main courses of her meals Thursday and Friday were:

Thursday (Thanksgiving) dinner: Sliced turkey
Friday breakfast: Sliced turkey
Friday lunch: Turkey sandwiches
Friday dinner: Turkey sandwiches

I like turkey, but I had to admit, this sounded a bit rough. "But that wasn't the worst part," Kelsey said. The worst part was breakfast Saturday morning, which consisted of pancakes with turkey. Is this some freakish Southern custom I've managed to avoid these past few years?


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This blog is beginning to feel like your daughter's turkey experience. Leftovers again? Can we have something new? And having to register to post is irritating, but I guess it keeps out the spam. no?

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