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Hat Rai Lay Beach

From Agence France Presse, via the Sydney Morning Herald, a stunning and almost certainly tragic series of photos from Hat Rai Lay Beach in Thailand. Captions are from the SMH. Click on any photo for the full-size version:

Hat Rai Lay Beach 1

Tourists run for their lives as the first of six tsunamis starts to roll towards Hat Rai Lay Beach, near Krabi in southern Thailand. One woman runs towards the waves.

Hat Rai Lay Beach 2

The woman continues to run as the wave advances.

Hat Rai Lay Beach 3

With the waves engulfing boats, the woman makes contact with her group. It is not known if they survived.

If I had to guess, I'd say that's a mother running to her children. In the last photo, they couldn't have been more than a few seconds from being engulfed... and it's impossible to imagine how any of them could have survived.

I can't comprehend the tragedy of 120,000 deaths. But I can comprehend the tragedy of the likely death of one family. And I can be awed by the sacrifice of a mother running to her children.

For more tsunami photos, check out the tsunami tag on Flickr.


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