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Another Scene from a Movie

My new gym was closed yesterday and again today. So the night before Christmas Eve, I was determined to get in one last swim before taking a couple of days off. I was held up in the circle of Hell popularly known as Crossroads Plaza, and so didn't make it to the gym until 40 minutes before closing time. Two employees and I were the only people there.

Me: Are the lights in the pool room on? It looked dark from the outside.

Employee: Oh, you want to swim? I just switched the lights off. I'll go turn them on now.

I changed and walked into the pool room, where the employee was waiting. It was dark except for the lights in the pool itself. The employee pointed to the overhead lights and said they'd take a few minutes to turn on. I thanked him and jumped in for my swim.

The pool room is separated from the main gym by a series of windows. I had been swimming a couple of minutes when the employees shut down the lights in the rest of the gym, which made it really dark except for the in-pool lights. I had swum before in pools in the dark, but always outdoors with lights from buildings around. There was really no external light at all.

As I swam, I thought to myself, isn't there some slasher movie rule about swimming alone in pools at night? There has to be at least one movie where someone gets killed that way and then the audience tut-tuts them for their slasher-attracting act of obvious stupidity.

And then the lights came on.


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Nah, slashers be damned. I love to swim in the dark, in the rain, even in lightning storms. In shallow water above jagged coral reefs. Alone in icy pools in the mountains... Being alone in the water is elemental, womb-like, thrilling and meditative.

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