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The Daily Show on Lowered Expectations

Comedy Central's The Daily Show had a wonderful post-debate show the other night. I recommend watching the clips to be found there, but if you can't, the segment in which their Bush and Kerry campaign correspondents reportered on their respective camps' reactions to the debate was priceless:

Jon Stewart: Daily Show Bush campaigan correspondent Rob Corddry and of course his counterpart in the Kerry campaign, Ed Helms. Thanks for joining us, guys. Ed, let's begin with you. Um, talk to us. How are people in the Kerry camp feeling tonight?

Ed Helms: Ecstatic, Jon. Kerry's people couldn't be happier. Their candidate went up against a sitting war president who's never lost a debate and held his own.

Stewart: And Rob, what's the mood over there at the Bush camp?

Rob Corddry: Triumph, Jon, orgasmic triumph. Their man faced off against John Kerry, a golden-tongued virtuoso of words. Captain of the Yale debate team. He's been honing his oratorical skills since the age of three. The way they see it, by not allowing himself to be reduced to tears, the President was a big winner tonight.

Helms: If, if I could just interject here, Jon?

Stewart: Yes, Ed Helms?

Helms: The Kerry campaign would like to remind America the Senator was raised in France by a pack of homosexual billionaires, and going into this had little chance against a plain-speaking, hard-working man of the people like George Bush. So for Kerry to be even close in this debate, they say, is a huge victory.

Corddry: If I may, Jon, that's a bit of stretch. The Bush people would like to remind everyone their man held his own against what they call 'the smartest man in the history of the world'. An amazing accomplishment for a President who as the Bush team points out is by some standardized test results technically retarded. Jon, as RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie told me before we came on air, this is a President who was nearly killed by a pretzel.

Helms: John Kerry held his own against the man even he's going to vote for, George Bush. If that isn't a victory, I don't know what is.

Corddry: Jon, a retarded man held his own against a sitting senator. You gotta reelect him!


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