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Overseas Interest in the US Election

A received this from an Australian friend currently traveling in Asia:

For the first time since I can remember, I think everyone outside the US is paying attention to this election, hoping for the sake of world peace that George W isn't re-elected. Not that I know everyone outside the US, but talking to people in Australia, Malaysia and here in Singapore, I think Bush's actions have truly shown people how much of an impact what the US does can have on the rest of the world. Not that we didn't know that before, but Bush putting world peace in jeopardy as he has done is truly bringing home to a lot of people exactly how scary a country you live in.
A colleague of mine just spent a couple of weeks on vacation in Italy -- I'm going to ask him if this fits with what he heard while he was there. I rather suspect it does. I know it fits with what I've heard from friends in Canada and Germany.

More on this subject of international attitudes toward the US soon...


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