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"Father of the Pride"

Let's see... a computer animated series following the imagined lives of the animals in Siegfried & Roy's magic act? This sounded to me like nothing less than a surefire disaster-in-the-making. Yet Father of the Pride is amazingly funny -- the funniest thing I've seen on television since Futurama. This isn't because it's raunchy -- what little I've seen of the last few seasons of South Park demonstrates that raunch alone isn't funny for very long.

Make no mistake: Father of the Pride is extremely raunchy; the last episode had one of the characters, a desert gopher, hiring two female desert gophers, Chimi and Changa, as set dressing for a comedy act; the two decided they were attracted to one another and we were treated to multiple scenes of girl-desert-gopher-on-girl-desert-gopher make out action, without a doubt a network (or anywhere else) first. Yet in addition to being raunchy, it's seriously funny. One line from the same episode had me laughing so hard I literally was falling out of my seat. A pair of unwanted tigers show up unexpectedly at the protagonists' den, one of whom reacts:

What a nice surprise -- like when the gas wears off early and your dentist is buckling his pants.
Whoever is writing this stuff, you all deserve raises.

Tuesdays, 9:00 PM, NBC. Highly recommended, at least if you're not easily offended. (Note that I don't watch much prime-time television. This may render my opinion more or less relevant in your book.)


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