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We're 6-2-1, Damnit

After going undefeated through the first seven games of the season, my soccer team is now 0-2 in its last two games, having lost 4-2 tonight.

Tonight's game was much different from the game on Monday. The other team played a tough but clean game. The weather was fine and we played the full time. Our most serious problem was that we had a number of players miss the game entirely or show up late. As the game started, we had to play one player down, and we were missing four of our five best players. Players began to show up during the first half, but it was hard to recover our composure on the fly. We regrouped at the half and began to come back, holding our opponents scoreless, but we could only score twice ourselves.

I played better tonight than I did on Monday; I'm not sure why. I know that I was determined not to play sloppily or make stupid mistakes, and for the most part, I didn't. That's something.

A friend wrote to me after my last game and pointed out the character-building aspect of losing. True enough, but I think I've built enough character now, thank you.


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