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We're 6-1-1

My soccer team lost tonight, 3-1, and I'm as angry as I've been about anything in a while now.

I'm angry at the other team for their style of play, which seemed often to consist of pushing and shoving (especially by one of their players in particular) just up to the point of being called by the referee. Legal? Yes. Good sportsmanship, especially in a recreational league? No.

I'm angry at the referee for calling the game five minutes into the second half, just as we were starting to come back. It started to rain, and then we saw thunder and lightning, and that was it. My understanding is that according to the rules, calling the game is what's supposed to happen. However, the rain stopped, at least for a while, not five minutes later, and I didn't see another burst of lightning until I was almost home. We could have easily played on.

Mostly I'm angry at myself. I felt good but played sloppily. I spent much of the game frustrated with my attempts to get the ball to my teammates.

Given that we hadn't lost yet this season, and that this is my first season of play, tonight was my first soccer loss ever. It's harder to take than I thought it would be, and has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

I think that's a good thing.


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