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We Finished 7-2-2

My soccer team played to a 0-0 tie last night, finishing 7-2-2 on the season. Though we didn't come away with a win, I felt it was our best game in a number of ways, and it was a great way to end my first season of soccer.

We played a good team who played a tough but clean game. They fought hard; so did we. They threatened to score on a number of occasions; so did we. Their forwards and keeper played especially well; so did ours. When the referee called the end of the game, after exchanging congratulations, someone asked, "Who wants to keep going?" We talked it over briefly and everyone on both teams wanted to play on. The referee graciously agreed to go on as well, and when he asked, "Do you want this to count?" the answer was an immediate "Yes!" We kept playing, both teams with just as much intensity, until the referee called the game on account of darkness. There was another round of congratulations and I honestly didn't feel bad about walking away with a tie.

We won't know for some time how we finished in our division -- second or third, I suspect, but whatever the result, I had a tremendous amount of fun, learned a great deal (and realized how much I have yet to learn), made new friends, and found a new passion in my life. I suppose old dogs can, after all, learn new tricks.


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