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Thinking About Edwards

I find all the talk from the Bush camp about John Edwards' lack of experience rather amusing. Edwards has about as much time in the Senate (including serving on the Intelligence Committee) in 2004 as Bush did as Governor of Texas in 2000. And Edwards is only the vice-presidential candidate -- Bush was running for president. I'd say Edwards is more prepared to serve as president now than Bush was four years ago.

The other amusing thing about this "Bush and Cheney are more experienced" talk is this: can someone point to the accomplishments of this supposedly experienced team? On the domestic front, Bush is the first president to lose jobs during his term since Herbert Hoover. On the foreign policy front... well... that's a mess that goes beyond the scope of this blog entry.

My prediction is that if the Bush campaign presses this issue, it will come back to bite them.

By the way, I'm really looking forward to seeing the vice-presidential debate in this campaign. Cheney is smart on his feet, to be sure -- he got the best of Joe Lieberman -- but my money would definitely be on Edwards.


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