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I'm Batting .500

Back in January, I made two predictions: that John Kerry would win the Democratic nomination and pick John Edwards as his running mate, and that the Carolina Panthers would beat the New England Patriots by 1 point in the Super Bowl. Looks like I'm batting .500 (and I'd be batting 1.000 if it weren't for the Panthers scoring too quickly at the end, giving the Patriots time to do to them what they did to the Rams two years before).

I think John Edwards is a great choice for the ticket. Unlike someone like Richard Gephardt, he can bring new voters into the fold. Anyone likely to vote Democratic because of Gephardt was going to vote Democratic anyway. But I believe that Edwards -- a brilliant campaigner, better than Bush, Cheney, or Kerry -- can cross party lines. I may disagree with him on some issues, like trade, but I think he's right about "Two Americas," and I think he'd make a solid vice president.


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