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Found Memories

A couple of months ago, my Aunt Dorothy died -- the last survivor among my father and his two sisters. Afterwards, I found myself remembering things about times with her that I hadn't thought of in years, even decades.

As a teenager, I spent a summer with Dorothy and her husband John in Oklahoma, part of it at their vacation cabin on a lake there. Besides learning to water ski that summer, I found an old, rarely used shortwave radio there. At night, when everyone went to sleep, I stayed up late tuning in distant stations. I didn't have a listening guide, and didn't know any foreign languages, but I found it all quite exotic. I can't be sure, but I seem to remember listening to Radio Moscow's English-language service and being amazed that one could listen directly to the voice of the "enemy." That, plus my dad taking me to see Ice Station Zebra as a kid, led me to wanting to learn join military intelligence and learn Russian.

I hadn't thought of this in many, many years, and I'm sure I never told Dorothy... so she never knew the impact that summer had on the course my life took.


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