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We're 6-0-1!

My soccer team won 11-1 tonight -- four goals by women at two points each, and three goals by men -- making us 6-0-1 on the season so far. I wish I could say that I had something to do with the win, but I was playing hobbled, with a strained tendon in my left ankle. Just as my right knee and right hamstring are feeling better, now I'm struggling with yet another injury. We have a long break over the holiday week, and I'm looking forward to plenty of no-impact exercise, hopefully coming back 100 percent and raring to go.

I felt bad for the other team. The ball was on the other side of the field so much that I exchanged a few words with one of their forwards. "I've been playing for 10 years and this is the first time I'm not having any fun," she said. "We have too many competing male egos on our team." I suppose our team's good attitude could simply be a result of winning so much -- which tends to smooth over everything -- but I think it's deeper than that. We have fun, but we also practice consistently. I asked the forward if her team practiced. "We mean to every week, but it never happens," she said. Also, cognizant of the two-point goals, our midfielders work hard to get the ball to the women playing up front.

I feel lucky to be on the team I'm on.


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