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We're 2-0!

My soccer team is now 2-0, after a 6-2 win last night. I play in a coed league in which goals by women count for two points. One of our two primary forwards is a woman and she had three goals last night, one on a penalty kick. So far, the team is doing a good job of feeding her the ball and she's doing a great job of being in position to make plays.

I felt like I played a little better last night. I went on a walk Tuesday with my son Duncan, who has played defense for soccer teams for many years now, and he gave me some good tips. I found it quite rewarding to be learning from my own child. There was something gratifying about him having things to teach me instead of it always being the other way around. I think that's a good sign.

In any case, as I wrote to a friend:

I have a lot to learn. Where to stand on a near corner. Where to stand on a far corner. Where to stand on our own corner. When to push up. When to fall back. How to defend one-on-one. When to cross. When to clear.
Of course, my first thought was to turn to the Internet. Amazingly, at first search, I couldn't find a free "how to play soccer" resource on the Web. I would have thought there would be something just like that. Market opportunity?


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