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This, on the Other Hand...

After writing yesterday about Saab's new 9-7X, it's a delight to be writing about a concept car that looks as innovative as the 9-7X is me-too: the new Lincoln Aviator:

Lincoln's press release can be found here. Wired had this to say:

Lincoln's Aviator concept car mimics an airplane's interior to provide a "first class" traveling experience. All four seats -- including the driver's -- recline and have leg rests, as well as retractable tray tables that slide into place for working on a laptop or dining on the go. The Aviator's interior boasts a chrome-and-wood finish, and the car has an all-glass roof for watching the clouds. The Aviator includes a THX sound system and a touch screen to control the four LCD screens for watching DVDs.

The reaction of industry types was good to say the least. From a poll of insiders on their favorite cars from the New York Auto Show:

Anne Asensio, General Motors

Executive director for advanced design at the General Motors Design Center in Warren, Mich.

LINCOLN AVIATOR CONCEPT: "What was interesting was that Lincoln was working very hard at getting the brand identity. I really like that concept. It is very well proportioned. It was easy to love."

Joel Piaskowski, Hyundai

Chief designer, Hyundai Kia Design and Technical Center. in Irvine, Calif.

LINCOLN AVIATOR CONCEPT: "It was just a very clean statement from Lincoln. Very contemporary, international in its execution."

Ed Welburn, General Motors

The company's new vice president for design, North America.

LINCOLN AVIATOR CONCEPT: "They are doing a lot of vehicles that are built on their heritage with the Mustang and Ford GT, but I would say the most significant from Ford would be the Lincoln Aviator. It's a very fresh proportion, just a very fresh design statement. They brought the elegance and refinement of a sedan to a taller crossover vehicle."

The seating sounds very much like that of the Maybach, but on the order of a quarter-million dollars cheaper. Here's hoping the Aviator makes it to market in something very much like its concept car form.


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