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The Economist on LinkedIn (et. al.)

The Economist has a nice piece on business-focused social network services, with the most ink being given over to LinkedIn:

A crop of business-networking firms -- LinkedIn is the most popular -- that let individuals mine the connections of friends-of-friends online, has sprung up in the past three years. After a quiet start, their e-mails are becoming ubiquitous. The idea is that finding a job, freelance project or new employee is easier when trusted friends make the introductions. Already, they have attracted hundreds of thousands of subscribers, mostly through word of mouth...

LinkedIn, with over 400,000 registered users, is invitation-only. It focuses on facilitating one-to-one connections, not community-building. It claims to log 20,000 completed connections a month. In November, Sequoia, a leading venture capitalist, invested $4.7m in it. But so far, there are no plans to charge for its service.

Way to go, Reid and crew!


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