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I love to cook for friends and family, but if it's just me, and there aren't any leftovers, it might be Pop-Tarts for dinner.

I love to ski, but know that I have little talent for it (and don't particularly care).

I can be a wimp about the cold, but one of my goals is to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro before its ice cap is gone.

I think cigarettes are a blight on the modern world, but I enjoy a good Cohiba now and then.

I speak French, Russian, and Japanese with good accents, but my vocabulary in each is terrible, so I quickly get myself into all sorts of trouble.

I think hiking is great, and try to get out regularly, but when night comes, there's nothing like a warm bed in a cozy room.

I'm disappointed to see the US-centric homogenization of world culture, but it sure is cool to have Starbucks in Tokyo.

I love watching movies, but I despise broadcast television.

I'm fascinated with and admire many foreign cultures, but I worry about the long-term effects of immigrant populations that don't assimilate into their adopted countries.

I was born in California and reside in North Carolina, but I feel truly at home in the Pacific Northwest, despite having lived there less than two years in total.

My entire career has been based on computing technologies, and I don't go anywhere without my laptop, but I occasionally wonder how much net benefit we derive from personal computers.

I'm grateful for having been born in the US, and love much about my country, but I sometimes think I might be happier someplace kinder and gentler.

I'm agnostic, but I want to make the kora around Mt. Kailas, the Tibetan trek that is said to cleanse past sins.

I find that as I cast off possessions, I become happier, but that doesn't stop me from wanting an iPod.


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I, too, am aware of the many contradictions in my personality. I used to feel more self-conscious about it, as though consistancy was a goal in life.Then I learned better. As Oscar Wilde said, "Consistancy is the last refuge of the unimaginative". Now I delight in my inconsistancies, my contradictions, my fallibilities. They're old friends.

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