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Wink, Urge, and Joy? Bimbo Break?

John Ludwig writes about Coca-Cola's trademarks:

I was reading the Coca-Cola annual report tonight. What was most interesting to me was the partial list of all the brands they have worldwide.
  • Diet Pop. Now that is marketing magic. Ditto 187168.
  • Bimbo Break. I guess we know the target market for that one.
  • Diet Almdudler, Drim, Tuborg Squash. Now don't those sound refreshing?
  • Beat, Burn, Hit, Shock, and Slap. For the masochists in the crowd.
  • I knew about Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb, but did you know about their buddies Disney Winnie the Pooh, Fraser & Neave, Master Chill, Master Pour, Mickey Mouse, Pepe Rico, the Pocket Dr., the Robinson Brothers, Samantha, and the Thextons?
  • Chivalry and Neverfail sound very uplifting.
  • Combine Ripe N Ready and Love Body, which via a Wink, leads to an Urge, and then Joy -- but don't forget Safety First.
  • Chaudfontaine, Diet Inka Kola, Guarana Jesus, Jurassic Well, Sparletta Iron Brew, Water Salad. No idea what these are, but I'd buy a can of any of them in a second.
When I visited The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta some years ago, my favorite part was Tastes of the World, where visitors can sample Coca-Cola beverages not available in the US. It made it worth sitting through Coca-Cola's short film presentation, which was so slickly executed that on my way out of the theater, I found myself almost thinking, "Wow! It's not just a soda -- it's a force for good in the world!" Thankfully, before that thought was fully formed, I caught myself and thought, "Um, this is just sugar water." No doubt, though: Coca-Cola knows marketing.


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