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Joining Ludicorp's Board

I'm delighted to report today's announcement (PDF press release here) by Ludicorp that I've joined their board of directors.

Based in Vancouver, Ludicorp has built an engine to enable the development of real-time social computing applications. The engine includes support for identity, presence, messaging, relationships, and groups -- and does all of this in real time, fast enough for entertainment applications. Ludicorp's engine makes it far easier, faster, and cheaper to develop the next generation of Internet applications -- applications that incorporate social networks not as their raison d'être, but as a part of an integrated and compelling experience. Think of it as Groupware for Play (which conveniently happens to be Ludicorp's slogan).

As a testbed for their engine, and as an interesting application in its own right, Ludicorp has been developing the very cool Game Neverending (GNE), "a surreal, absurd, intelligent and humorous game of political, social and economic interactions." Along with their public work on GNE, they've been in stealth mode, working on a new application of their technologies -- the idea for which their advisory board and I all feel strongly to be extremely compelling. Stay tuned for more in the very near future.

The real reason I agreed to join Ludicorp's board was because of its President and founder, Stewart Butterfield. Stewart has a great reputation in the software and social networking communities, as evidenced by the extremely high quality of the people he's been able to attract as employees and advisors (myself excluded). I've been continually impressed with not only his vision for the future, but also his ability to articulate this vision and then to go build it. Many people have visions, but being able to bring them to life -- and to motivate others to help one do so -- is a rare talent.

Keep your eye on Ludicorp. Stewart and his team are building something special. You heard it here first.


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