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Isn't It Ironic?

Two aspects of my joining Ludicorp's board of directors strike me as ironic.

First, though Ludicorp founder Stewart Butterfield is a rising star in the social networking software community, my introduction to him didn't come through my connections to that community. I count LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and super-blogger Joi Ito as good friends, and know many other people working on social networking software services, yet I met Stewart through my brother Eric, who works in the computer game industry. Eric knew someone at Ludicorp, knew of my interest in Vancouver, and arranged an introduction. In other words, non-software-enabled social networking led to my becoming involved with a social networking software firm.

Second, the reason Eric thought to introduce me to a Vancouver-based company was because of my then-girlfriend, who is from the area. Prior to coming back to North Carolina to co-found 3Dsolve, I had moved up to Seattle -- and later to Vancouver -- to work at QDesign, a Vancouver-based audio software technology firm. Moving back East meant a long-distance relationship, and Eric kindly wanted to help with that. However, the relationship ended last year, and my ex-girlfriend and I have both moved on, negating the original reason for the introduction. Past relationships notwithstanding, though, I love Vancouver and would have been grateful for any reason to get out there more often. Little did I suspect that I would be presented with such a wonderful opportunity to do so.


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