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Close, But No Cigar

So much for Prediction #2. When the Panthers went ahead 22-21 with 7:12 to play, I thought, "This is exactly the position we wanted to be in: a close game in the fourth quarter." When the Patriots went ahead 29-22 with 2:58 to play, I thought, "No problem. Tying games late and taking them into overtime is what the Panthers do, and the Panthers always win overtime games." But when the Panthers tied it at 29 with 1:16 to play, I thought, "We scored too quickly," and I could see the Patriots doing to the Panthers what they did to the Rams two years ago: a final drive to put themselves in field goal position. And that's exactly what they did.

Congratulations to the Patriots and to their fans. That's a great team you have there.

It will take somewhat longer -- until 29 July, to be exact -- to find out how I did on Prediction #1.


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