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"You're a Traitor!"

On the way home this evening, I caught part of Terry Gross' interview on Fresh Air with Paul O'Neill (former Secretary of the Treasury) and the author of a new book on him, The Price of Loyalty, Ron Suskind.

O'Neill has been in the news lately for being quoted in the book as saying some fairly damning things about the Bush Administration. He didn't disavow any of his comments, but certainly spent a good chunk of the interview backpedaling from them and from his author's interpretations of them. I couldn't help but be reminded of an exchange from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, "The Defector":

Admiral Jarok: I cannot betray my people.

Captain Picard: You've already betrayed your people! You've made your choices, sir! You're a traitor!

I'm no fan of the current Administration, but if you're going to betray a former ally, don't back down in the middle of it. O'Neill doesn't look principled so much as wishy-washy. It's a shame.


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