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Thankful at Christmas

I normally don't write in this blog about the company I helped to found and continue to work for, 3Dsolve. I can be passionate about my beliefs when it comes to political and social issues, and many of those beliefs conflict with the stated practices of our current US Administration (as well as any other likely to be in power anytime soon). Given that much of 3Dsolve's business is in government contracting, it has seemed best to me to maintain a separation between my business and personal lives. With that said, I've been thinking lately about how fortunate I am when it comes to my job, and I don't want to let those thoughts go unwritten. I'm therefore making an exception to my general rule and writing about 3Dsolve today.

3Dsolve is the second company I've helped found. (We'll call the first "Company A." If you're motivated, you can easily figure out the name, but to provide a modicum of protection to the innocent and the guilty alike, I'll leave it out of this entry.) 3Dsolve is as different from Company A as night and day. At Company A, we had what amounted to guaranteed funding. At 3Dsolve, nothing has been guaranteed; we've had to fight for everything. Company A was overwhelmingly owned by non-employees. 3Dsolve is primarily owned by its founders (and, naturally, all new employees receive options). Company A's CEO was chosen for us and brought in from outside our industry. At 3Dsolve, we chose our CEO from among the founders because we felt he was the best person for the job. Although the core technical and creative team at the Company A had worked together for some time, the company quickly grew with new hires unknown to us. At 3Dsolve, only once have we hired someone we hadn't worked with before (and we were very careful about that).

At 3Dsolve, we do our best to treat our partners as friends and our co-workers as family. We work hard to build the best possible products for our customers -- that's not just a saying; it's the truth. In short, 3Dsolve is the company I've wanted to help build for a long time now. I hope and believe that I'm helping to create exactly the kind of company at which I'd want to work -- and I do. It hasn't always been easy, but nothing worth having ever is.

Why say all this now? Because in this holiday season, I want to recognize my co-workers for the opportunity they give me every day to work with them -- the opportunity to work with people whose passion for their jobs, loyalty no matter what the challenge, humor in the face of adversity, and concern for their fellow human beings make me excited to come into work each morning. To these co-workers, thank you all for this wonderful gift -- the value and uniqueness of which I try to keep in mind every single working day.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


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