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Found Poetry

The North Carolina Museum of History has an excellent exhibit on the history of medicine in the state. One section discusses transplant technology. The humanity of it is brought home with the story of two teenage girls -- one severely injured and near death from an automobile accident, the other dying and in need of a replacement heart. The mother of the injured girl is quoted talking about the moment when she and her husband decided to allow their daughter to be taken off life support:

"It was twelve, one o'clock in the morning,
          when Ricky, my husband, and I were in her room.
I remember looking at her, and Ricky telling me,
          "I haven't given up, but I'm feeling as if--"
And I looked at him and I said,
          'I know what you're going to say.
          It's almost as if she's telling us good-bye, isn't it?
          I feel like she's telling me,
          "Mama, let go. I'm tired now.'"
And he hugged me, and we rocked and rocked
     and rocked.
And he said, 'I'm so glad that you heard her, too.'"
Whoever created the display saw the mother's words for the beautiful poetry they were and set the text appropriately. What a treasure.


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