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The Witch Is Back?

Via Dark Horizons (far superior, in my opinion, to its more popular competitor, Ain't It Cool News), comes word of an extremely cool screenplay concept by Nora Ephron for the Bewitched movie in development:

I've received a tip from a reliable source that this film's premise may in fact *not* be as direct an adaptation of the original series as previously thought, and yet... it will be even more so in a way! Why? My tipster says the current script portrays Samantha as a witch from another magical world who comes to Earth to escape the bother of her family. Once here, she gets a job as an actress and lands a job on, of all things, a TV sitcom about a witch who falls in love with a mortal man, Darrin Stephens (who, of course, is also played by an actor). If this is indeed the direction Sony goes, this is going to be a TV-show-within-a-movie-based-on-nearly-that-very-same-TV-show! Wow, what a concept!
And here I thought classic-TV-show-as-feature-film trend was officially done and waiting for its fork. This is a brilliant concept and would get me into the theater in a heartbeat.

The same page claims Nicole Kidman is set as Samantha (practically a perfect choice, but I'll always have a soft spot for Elizabeth Montgomery) and Jim Carrey thinking of playing Darrin (good choice, as long as he plays Darrin and not Jim Carrey). One has to admit, not only was Montgomery classically funny in the role, she was beautiful as well. Those are some big shoes for Kidman to fill.


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