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Tagline Creation 101

If you don't know much about American football, the NFL is made up of two conferences: the NFC and the AFC. Fox covers NFC games and CBS covers those in the AFC. (ESPN's Sunday night games and ABC's Monday night games are irrespective of conference.)

So far, so good. However, the ad wizards at Fox decided that their slogan for the season would be, "The biggest stories are in the NFC, and the NFC is on Fox." Fine, but what happens if that isn't true?

As of today, the league's leader in quarterback rating and early MVP pick of most writers (Steve McNair, Tennessee), leader in rushing yardage (Jamal Lewis, Baltimore), leader in team offense (Kansas City), leader in team defense (Miami), and only undefeated team (Kansas City) are all in the AFC.

As it happens, I have a soft spot in my heart for the NFC. My home team (Carolina) and once-and-future home team (Seattle) are both in the NFC. But the "biggest stories"? I don't think so.

When marketing slogans are patently untrue, they become silly and counterproductive. Marketers, you have been warned.


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