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REI's Shopping Bag Poetry

REI has been placing outdoor-related poetry on its shopping bags. Here's an example (line breaks guessed at):

The mountains and glaciers are a soft red,
while the moon rises over the south shoulder
like a long slow look back at someone you love.

As the sun sets, the red rises, revealing
the greens, grays, blacks and whites
that are reality.

The top is surrounded by one last brilliant blaze of light;
I am transported to the summit, and I see the sun,
going down over a series of hills far into the distance.

Going, going, gone, the red melts into dusk's purple hues.

Tonight I sleep outside, next to mountain blueberry,
with the Milky Way and this oh so full moon.


What I wouldn't give to be able to toss off lines like, "the moon rises over the south shoulder like a long slow look back at someone you love."

Strangely, there is no attribution on the packaging, nor is there mention of the poetry on REI's Website. A couple of tries with Google turned up nothing. Is this copy written by an advertising agency?

Whoever wrote this, I'd like to read more of your work.


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This was written by a good friend of mine. REI gave him $25 for winning the contest. It was a journal entry he made while vacationing across the states. I've forwarded the URL from this site to him in the hopes that he will contact you. He is quite excited that he has a fan of his writing somewhere in the world.

I hope the author decides to contact me. I'd be happy to post more of his poetry -- based on what I've seen, it's wonderful work.

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