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Heard This Morning

Delta flight 1159, Raleigh-Durham to Atlanta:

Flight attendant (on speaker): Delta Air Lines is pleased to offer you our Fast Break beverage service this morning. You have a choice of coffee, orange juice, or water.
This brings up two questions:
  1. Are consumers so stupid that they buy it when companies slap marketing terms like "Fast Break" on reduced service and try to portray it as a good thing? Clearly the marketers at Delta think they are.
  2. Why not take this phenomenon to its logical conclusion? Just have the flight attendants walk down the aisle and shoot beverages into passengers' mouths with a power water gun. Think of the time that would save!
Flying is indeed not what it used to be.


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Being a Frenchman living in Korea, and used to money-losing airlines (er, not anymore though...) I was shocked the first time I flew within the States (Honolulu-LA). The attendants were RENTING headphones!!! Hello? It was on Northwest. Ongoing flight to Denver and Newark was more of the same, in a smaller plane.
If they tried that in Korea, they'd have a riot...

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