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Back to Blogging

My last new entry was on 1 October; now it's 7 November and I'm finally getting back to blogging. Why the long break? Are blogs ephemeral constructs, "little seen, quickly abandoned," in the words of research firm Perseus? Is it that blogging "isn't habit forming," in the words of troll-with-a-paycheck Andrew Orlowski?

In my case, it's neither. I have no intention of abandoning my blog, and in my case, at least, I think 16 months and nearly 1,000 entries shows that it is indeed habit-forming. For me, the issue has been that I've taken up walking early almost every morning -- when I used to do most of my blogging work. I've been struggling with finding the time to resume working on my blog, and a rainy Saturday morning has finally given me the opportunity I've needed. Now the challenge will be to continue to carve out the time I need to keep it up -- but hopefully simple inertia will help there.


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