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I Suppose It Was Inevitable

I received my first spam e-mail advertising anti-spam software this morning:

Spam Remedy v.1.5 Pro (3.17Mb)


The powerful, effective and intelligent anti-spam tool.
It automatically cleans spam messages out of your mailbox before you receive or read them.

I decided to check out the Website offering it and found the following:

Domain Name: NANO-SOFT.BIZ
Registrant Name: Andery Kovalev
Registrant Organization: Andery Kovalev
Registrant Address1: Lentan str. 12-b-67
Registrant City: Tallin
Registrant Postal Code: 77612
Registrant Country: Estonia
Registrant Country Code: EE
Registrant Email: andrey_k17@hotmail.com
Is it just me, or are the former Soviet Union and its republics becoming the center of Internet scams? Is it a unique confluence of technical skills and poverty that drives it?


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I sent my first spam 7 years ago today

I live in Estonia myself, so I checked it a bit. The street name Lentan doesn't exist in Tallinn. The postal code doesn't exist. Even "Tallinn" is spelled wrong. The whole thing might originate from somewhere else, probably Russia.

Can you explain these theme more attentievly, please.... I didn't understand...

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