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Half a Billion Cell Phones in 2004

Via the unwired list, a fairly amazing statistic:

Global cell phones sales will top 500 million next year for the first time in its history, thanks to growing demand for high-speed mobile phones and models with integrated digital cameras, according to a study by research firm IDC.
Half a billion cell phones in a year... that's one cell phone for every 12.63 people in the world (world population figures found here).
Mobile phone sales globally are expected to top 460 million units this year and then grow more than 8 percent in 2004, said IDC, which is based in Framingham, Massachusetts...

The total number of mobile phone users will approach 1.4 billion individuals worldwide in 2004, with vendors shipping more than 241 million 2.5G phones, up 42 percent from 2003, and more than 48 million 3G phones, up 140 percent from 2003, IDC said.

Cell phones with integrated digital cameras will grow 64 percent next year to almost 100 million units, IDC said. Almost 30 million smartphones, will be sold next year, representing growth of 111 percent from 2003.

100 million camera phones and 30 million smart phones? Those are real markets.


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