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Ink Spam

Is it just me? In the last 16 hours, I've received 72 messages advertising printing-related products, mostly inkjet cartridges. The site URLs they advertise typically substitute "1"s for "i"s and always end in "neb.html", as follows:

All the URLs resolve to a site called EvoClix. Their company information Web page states...
We'd really like to hear what you have to say about the EvoClix web site, our products and our services. Please contact us at:

Evoclix Inc
2198 Princeton St
Sarasota, Fl 34237
941 954-8660

...which brings up a few obvious questions:

  • Have spammers become so brazen that they no longer feel the need to hide their identities?
  • Why do so many scams and generally seedy operations originate in Florida? What is it about that state?
  • Would they really like to hear what I have to say about them?


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I have ordered Cannon cartridges from Evoclix before and cannot get back in to the site past the home page-it always says page can't be found or something to that effect. I have tried off and on for months. I need cartridges, could someone help me??????

I can't get into EvoClix.com. I have tried and tried. I have been ordering from them for several years and now I can't get into their site. They are a very reputable company. Can you help?

Jan, if you wish to do business with EvoClix.com, that's fine. But even if I knew how to help you, there's no way I'm going to help funnel more business to such spammers.

My first batch of goods were great. I bought the return box and bag that you pre pay for your next new cartridge. the problem is the ones i got were a defect and they dropped off the internet like a group of wanted thieves.
I also cannot get back into the website.

I bought cartridges from evoclix.com on Sept.7.03 and their domain name,by the 13th, was not renewed from a search i did.I put a complaint to the BBB and a complaint to the FTC and less than a month later they refunded my money after about 10-15 emails/phone calls they did not answer.Found out that if FTC thinks there is reason for a investigation they will investigate all the businessess he is involved in.Think he might have something to worry about? And he is involved in many businesscams...

UPDATE: GregNumark@evoclix.com is now gregnumark@yahoo.com?????????...like Tim said dropped off like a group of >>wanted thieves!

I bought 2 cartridges from Evoclix in August and they were marked to work with my printer. But they don't. I'm out $35, is this what I'm learning?

Any tips for getting money back?

Today I've had about 400 emails returned as undelivered...

I checked a little further and found that my domain name has been hijacked... and spam is being sent advertising 'Evoclix'...

I used their abuse@evoclix.com address to report this... but had my email returned... I also couldn't get their 'customer services' weblink to accept my request...

1) I bet you're not surprized...
2) Sorry if you get email from me... it's not from me!

Regards... Andrew

Greg Numark hijacked my web domain as well. Id like to find this SOB and kick his ass.

I've been tracking this guy for quite a while. Go to http://www.toastedspam.com/stupid/ and search for evoclix ... you'll find quite a few entries. I've got several hundred more that i simply haven't had time to post on the site yet.

Try emailing larrytasman@yahoo.com . I got that address from someone at the advertised phone number. I sent a complaint to them and it was delivered into their yahoo mailbox. I can only assume it was accepted because the amount of evoclix email being sent to my mail server has dropped considerably.

I sent them a contract stating that they agree to be billed $100 for each and every unsolicted email they send me from that point forward, and that any unsolicted email sent by them would constitute their unconditional acceptance of that contract. So far they owe me $300. 3 emails in a month is certainly better than the 5 to 10 a day i was getting.

I've been doing business with evoclix.com for a year now and have been very happy with the service and cartridges I have received. I just ordered 20 cartridges two weeks ago, and they arrived on time without a hitch. I have never had a problem with their cartridges.

I ordered three cartridges from evoclix and received good service. However I only received two out of the three cartridges that I ordered. I have been unable to reach them via e-mail, phone, or get into their site???? My first thought was that the one box got lost in the mail. Am I being naive?

How is it that these people refuse to listen? They keep paging me and refuse to acknowlege it!! What can I do to stop these spams to my one way pager?

Think about a (HP) ink cartridge that has a warranty. Bad ink cartridge, color bad, light ink which appears watery, what-ever, they give you another one. That's the way a warranty works. You buy a recycled ink cartridge, with no HP warranty. It may work momentarily, but then you get these same messages, remove cartridge. Why should my printer shut down after purchasing a recycled ink cartridge? But then if you buy an HP ink cartridge, your printer is up and running again. Or until that time HP thinks you have printed long enough, even if you have plenty of ink. HP forces you, according to HP predetermined usage, in order for your printer to work, to buy their ink cartridges, or HP will shut your printer down. Don't focus on the ink cartridge, focus on the fact HP stops your printer from working, because of some silly game they are playing of cheating customers before the ink runs out, or wrong ink standards, or what-ever. I say, go ahead send these stupid messages, but don't stop my printer from working. This is anti-competitive, and in violation of anti-trust laws.

To be perfectly clear

Hewlett Packard recycles their ink cartridges by promoting that HP cartridges be returned for recycling, using a self addressed, stamped envelope. Allowing HP, through their “refurbishing and reselling” effort to conserve resources, using the various recycling facilities of manufacturers around the world contracted by HP. Thus, the mere fact that there also are other recyclers available to refurbish, and recycle ink cartridges, but except for lower cost, and the free choice of the consumer, HP has restricted the consumer the full use, and the operation of HP printers.

Smith and Roberson’s Business Law, ninth edition. West Publishing. Chapter 43; ANTITRUST.
“Characterizing a type of restraint as per se illegal therefore has a significant effect on the prosecution of an antitrust suit. In such a case, the plaintiff need only show that the type of restraint occurred, she does not need to prove that the restraint limited competition.....Tying arrangements. A tying arrangement occurs when the seller of a product, service, or intangible (the "tying" product) conditions its sale on the buyers purchasing a second product, service, or intangible (the "tied" product) from the seller....Because tying arrangements limit buyers' freedom of choice and may exclude competitors, the law closely scrutinizes such agreements.”

Hewlett Packard has, unbeknownst to customers who purchased HP printers (tying product), tied as a condition, the purchase of new HP ink cartridges (tied product), or HP recycled ink cartridges, through the use illegal anti-competitive consumer practices.

After all, what are we talking about, it's a ball point pen refill morphed into a printer ink cartridge. It’s a recycled auto part! Again, I say Hewlett Packard, play your silly games by cheating consumers on ink cost, and supplies. I say go ahead! But don’t stop me from the use of my printer.

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