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The Downward Spiral of Reality TV

In its July 2003 issue, Vanity Fair published an article (unavailable online), "Reality Kings," on the people leading the development of new reality television programs. There's a great quote near the end of the article:

"The problem for these types of shows is you can't do the same trick continually, so each time there has to be an escalation of whatever the trick is," says retired NBC president Don Ohlmeyer, who has become a critic of reality TV. "You finally get to the point where the only trick left is self-immolating monks in Times Square. The question becomes: How far does the sequence go before you reach Times Square?"
Whatever the path may turn out to be between Joe Millionaire and Hunka Hunka Burnin' Monks, we at least know the next few steps along it, courtesy of the article: 101 Things Pulled from the Human Body, Miss Dog Beauty Pageant, and so on.



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I am currently watching Big Brother 4 and Cupid. Both on CBS. I have watched Fear Factor, as well as Survivor, The Real World, American Idol, and so forth. Being a person who studies people and their reactions when exposed to various situations it's mind boggling to me to see what the human race will due for the all mighty buck. Utterly amazing.

I am looking for the names of the producers that were discussed in that "Reality Kings" article and can't locate it anywhere online.

If anyone can help me out with that particular information,I would greatly appreciate it!


Marian, I think one of the producers is Mark Burnett. I can't remember the other. The July 2003 issue of Vanity Fair at your local library will have the complete article.

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