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More on Push-to-Talk

More on the push-to-talk controversy:

Nextel Communications Inc. isn't backing down in the face of yet another challenge to its push-to-talk services from Verizon Wireless.

Verizon's latest complaint filed in federal court objects to Nextel's trademark of the words 'push to talk' and 'PTT.'

Nextel shot back that it is fully secure in the trademarks of those words. 'We are as confident in Nextel's trademark rights for Push To Talk and PTT as we are in our technological leadership. The U.S. Patent and Trademark office's approval of these marks indicate we're not alone in this belief. We're certain the courts will agree, too,' it said in a statement.

Citing a USPTO approval to defend your position is like saying you're good looking because your mother says so. Sure, it may be true, but since almost anyone can say it, it doesn't matter.


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