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Lunch with Robert Scoble

Still catching up on my meetings from Monday...

Robert Scoble and I met at Joi Ito's party in Palo Alto earlier this year. After his move to Microsoft, we made plans to get together the next time I was in the Pacific Northwest (where I have family and friends).

We met for lunch on the Microsoft campus. As he said in his entry, there wasn't a single theme, but rather just an interesting discussion. We talked about trusted computing, messenger spam, the environment at Microsoft, the viability of Linux on the desktop, user interface evolution, and probably some other things that I'm forgetting.

One thing that came up was lobbying Joi to hold his next party in Seattle. Joi, consider this the start of the lobbying. Robert and I are volunteering to help with venue selection, and I think Robert might be able to pull something interesting out of his Microsoft hat as well...


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This would be like having a rave on the deathstar. ;-)

Might be fun. Then Jeannie could come too.

That would rock! () ;-)

However, Frank, the lobbying for a JoiBash in Seattle began some time ago--you're just cranking it up a notch!

(And it's appreciated...)

A rave on the Death Star? That sounds cool! Maybe while we're there, Grand Moff Tarkin will take us for a tour. Do you think there are overlooks into those huge holes from which the planet-destroying beams shoot? Do you think they'd be willing to destroy something while we're there just so that we can see it work?

Man, I can't believe you came and went, without ever taking me out for the promised beers!! Whassup with that??!?

Sign me,
Parched in Seattle

Because I just came and went... really quickly. But I'm going to be in Seattle again next month, for longer next time, I believe. Beers then?


Pop back into the IRC and I'll pass along some contact info...

() ;-D

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