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Evil Construction

If you're an evil supervillain, and you want to build a rocket base inside a dormant volcano, or a supertanker that can disable and swallow ballistic missile submarines, or any sort of grandiose structure along such lines, how does it get built? I mean, sure, workers build it, but whose workers? Do you put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for your evil facility? Is there some sort of Evil RFP network? How do evil contractors find out about it? How do they join? Is it "low bid wins," or something more like "most evil bid wins"? Once you select a contractor, how do they manage all the logistics? I mean, a rocket base inside a dormant volcano? That sounds like 10,000 construction workers. Where do they all reside? What happens to them after the project? Are they killed to ensure their silence? If so, where do you find your next batch of workers?

It's funny how this kind of stuff doesn't occur to you when you're 10 years old, or even 20, but you're considering it at 30, and then at 40 you can't watch an old favorite without thinking about it. Or am I the only one?


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The first step would be to funnel 4 billion dollars a month to some part of the world that no one really wants to go to...


I have long wondered what kind of book-cooking Bruce Wayne had to do to get all of his Bat-stuff R&D's, made, and installed. The evil contractors for the Death Star were discussed in Kevin Smith's first (and best) movie, Clerks. Bottom line is that they knew what they were getting into, so they had what was coming to them when it was destroyed. Also, wouldn't you hate to have been the insurance underwriter for any of the complexes that James Bond blew up?

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