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Wrapping up in Japan

I'm blogging from the JAL lounge at Narita, where they've kindly installed a free 802.11b network. Very nice.

First, I had both Joi Ito and David Pickering tell me they're annoyed with my habit of captioning photographs above instead of below. Good point. I'm switching as of now.


Joi blogged about his new Sony camera phone yesterday, the SO505i. Here I am taking a picture of him with it. The ergonomics of the SO505i are quite nice: Sony designed it with a swiveling screen, making it usable both open and closed, and the thickness of each of the two pieces (screen and keyboard) is asymmetrical along the longitudinal axis. Something about that asymmetry makes it feel right.


Joi's offices in Akasaka are a two-minute walk from the entrance to the Hie Shrine. It's atop a small hill, with a set of stairs that seems rather long when you're carrying a Dell Inspiron on your shoulder.


Though I'm not religious, there's something about Shinto shrines and their offertory ritual -- rinse hands, rinse mouth, throw coins, bow twice, clap twice, bow -- that appeals to me. I try never to miss an oppotunity to visit a shrine whenever I'm in Japan.


Being sandwiched by dense urban development makes for interesting views from within Hie Shrine -- the new framed by the old.

Now it's back home, with lots of work to be done to follow up on the meetings we had here. Thanks, Joi, not only for arranging the meetings but for having our presentation translated and then leading the discussions as well.


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Your thumb and forefinger look very nice: too bad there aren't pictures of the _rest_ of you! :P

Generally speaking, I don't walk around taking pictures of myself. But I'll keep your feedback in mind. :-)

absolutely necessary. give me a feedback?

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