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My Day So Far

I wake up this morning determined to finish my long-simmering paper on tools for emergent democracy. I gather together the feedback sent to me by kind friends and get to work. Let's see... David Brake suggests that my blog needs an "About Me" section. That's a good point -- how can people properly evaluate a paper from me without knowing more about who I am? I've been meaning to write such a section anyway. I start to write it and realize I also need to finish a personal branding exercise on which I've been working. I can't very well claim to know anything about strategic marketing while not applying its prinicples to myself.

I think this is as far down as I'm going to push the stack. Hopefully things will begin to pop off later today...


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going pop. :oP. dont worry bout it ;oP

I'm looking forward to it. I was so fascinated by the draft I saw that I've been holding off on posting anything else about Emergent Democracy until reading your final paper.

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