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Meeting Vibhav Upadhyay

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Vibhav Upadhyay, chairperson of India Center:

The India Center was created with the vision of injecting a new vitality into Indo-Japanese relations. It aims to be a catalyst, applying its unique methodology to the creation of a special relationship between these two great nations that will grow organically, setting off a chain reaction of activities that promote growing understanding interaction and interdependence.
Vibhav is high-energy, passionate about helping India move forward in the world, and works tirelessly to improve relations between India and Japan.


It was extremely interesting to hear Vibhav's perspective on India and its place in the modern world. If all goes well, I may finally be visiting India soon...


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Please give me more information about his activities between india & rest of the world.
Thank You.

Risa, you can find out more information about Vibhav's activities at the site of India Center, his organization promotiing India-Japan ties.

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