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Women's World Cup to the US

A few weeks ago, I blogged about FIFA's decision to move the Women's World Cup out of China due to SARS concerns:

As much as I'd love to see the women play here, Australia would be a great choice. I've never been, but its reputation for hospitality is well-known, and in the wake of the 2000 Olympics, they have wonderful sporting facilities. Also, while the 1999 Cup was held in the US, Australia has never hosted it. Anyway, given how political FIFA is, and given the appearance of taking an event away from China and moving it to the US, it seems almost certain they'll award it to Australia.
So much for my prognostication. FIFA has moved the Cup to the US:
America was preferred to five other countries which offered to step in to host the event, after the tournament was moved from China because of the Sars virus...

Fifa president Sepp Blatter said the success of the tournament when it was last held in the United States four years ago had influenced the decision.

"The Women's World Cup in 1999 was so successful that Fifa is delighted to see the event return to the United States," said Blatter in a statement.

Given that the World Cup obviously had to move somewhere, I'm happy that it's coming here. I didn't attend any of the Cup games in 1999, but I've seen many of the players in the WUSA (the women's professional league), and the quality of play is extremely high. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys soccer.


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