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The Matrix Reloaded

I just watched Ebert and Roeper's reviews of The Matrix Reloaded, and I can't help but wonder if they didn't watch a different movie than I did. Not one but both of them saluted the sequel as superior to the original. Excuse me?

Note: spoilers ahead.

As I walked out of the theater on Friday, having just watched Reloaded, the first word that came to mind was "gratuitous". It was as if the Wachowski brothers went for the biggest budget they could get -- $300 million for the two sequels is the rumor I've heard -- and then were determined to spend it all. What purpose did it serve to show the people of Zion in a quarter-million-person rave? A Zion guard in a giant Japanese robot suit? A female diner being given an orgasm with a reprogrammed dessert, complete with a Matrix-effect internal view of the action? A meaningless fight with the Oracle's bodyguard?

More does not equal better. The subway fight between Neo and Agent Smith in The Matrix -- kung fu meets spaghetti Western meets virtual reality -- still thrills me after 10 or more viewings. The fight between Neo and a hundred Agent Smiths in Reloaded did nothing for me. Not only did it look fake (did you catch Neo's face during the fight?), but it went on... and on... and on. I couldn't bring myself to care.

I didn't completely dislike the movie. The scene with the Oracle was wonderful, and the revelations about her later on intriguing and thought-provoking. The fight scene atop the tractor trailer was stunning. The part of the Keymaker was a small one, but I found myself caring more about him -- and wanting to know more about him -- than anyone else in the movie.

Reloaded runs 2 hours and 18 minutes. An edited version -- leaving 20 or even 30 minutes and tens of millions of dollars on the floor -- would be far more enjoyable. It makes the DVD version worth looking forward to.


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Couldn't agree more. When my son and I came out of the movie we looked at each other and had a "what the f___ was that?" moment. Actually, I said it. My other young son had the good sense to fall asleep at the beginning, not waking up until the credits - he evidently knew something we didn't. It is really a credit to the first movie that the second one was able to do so well so quickly. This is not a good movie. We can only hope that it is an overlong first act and that the payoff in the next movie will be worth it.

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I bet that when the Wachowskis were making the sequel they found that they had shot too much film for one movie, but if they padded it out they could have two. We'll find out when the third installment hits the screens.

i seen matrix reloaded at imax four times and it was poetry in motion you can really appreciate what the brothers were trying to do

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