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Premises, Premises

Via boing boing comes word of Premises, Premises, a "peer-enforced marketplace for new ideas" -- like Halfbakery, but with robust tracking of idea authorship, so as to enable idea sales.

My favorite idea so far is for the Smart Alarm:

Smart Alarm is a beautifully built, Internet radio alarm clock at an irresistable price: Free. Just register online, and it's yours. The secret, naturally, is advertising: studies show that the first two minutes of audio programming people hear upon waking have more impact than anything they experience for the rest of the day. For a few precious moments, the brain's quasi-dream state inhibits its filtering of sensory impressions -- giving Smart Alarm sponsors the opportunity to inject words and jingles directly into the targeted user's mind, where they echo and re-play for hours. Advertising via Smart Alarm is expensive, but it's the most powerful way to push your message through the clutter.
There are problems with this idea, but they're solvable.

First, Marketing 101 tells us that people generally don't value things they get for free. So instead of making a free clock, make a subsidized clock and you're on the right track. Second, if the only thing the Smart Alarm plays is the advertising, then it will go into the trash in short order. I would ensure that the clock plays advertising as a part of those first two minutes, but weaves it together with user-selected content.

These problems addressed, it's a great idea. I remember waking up to an alarm clock 15 years ago -- I had to set it early because I had a flight that morning, and when the radio came on, it was playing Madonna's "La Isla Bonita." That memory has stuck in my mind ever since.


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